MAX News March 2019

With the production of the MAX GEN II Accessories well under way, and the positing feedback rolling in… it was now time for us to make room for the container, after container load of MAX heading for us. We got in the experts to plan our 2 x warehouses and ensure we got the most out of the space we have. And with 3400 square meters of floor space to content with, there was a lot of space to plan out.







The re-configuring of the two warehouses was a huge task and took nearly 4 days to complete. With plenty of new pallet racking going up and then the re-organising of our stock, it’s lucky that we have a great warehouse team who kept it all under control.

While the warehouse were being done, we also got in another 40 foot container of MAX GEN II Bars, including a few more to test fit. Keep your eye out because we will be releasing photo’s of the new test fitted bars on our Instagram and Facebook accounts. Make sure you stay up to date by following us.



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