MAX News February 2019

GREAT NEWS! This month we have had successful trial fittings on the Ford Ranger and VW Amarok MAX GEN II Bars and I think you’ll agree that they look fantastic! These bars form art of our new GEN II range, and we have a lot more coming so keep your eye out for updates. Just a reminder that we also have an Instagram and Facebook page that you can check out as well.. to keep an eye on what’s happening.

With the new GEN II bars being created and with some now having hit the market, it makes you think about just how much work goes into just one accessory. The design and development process of MAX 4×4 Accessories is quite extensive and it takes a lot of man-hours to design the accessory, we start with scanning vehicles and producing 3D models which are then used to create the product using a number of high tech programs and expert knowledge. We then test fit the accessory to the vehicle, ensuring we make detailed fitting instructions at the same time. After the trial fitting, if there are any changes required to the accessory they are made and if they are significant, we ensure we have another test product produced and run another trial fit. We ensure all bull bars are designed to not only look good, but meet all requirement and each product is independently tested and certified to ensure they meet all Australian standards and airbag compatibility.



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