MAX News December 2019

With Christmas on the horizon, I’m sure everyone is taking the time to reflect on the year and look back on what they have accomplished throughout 2019. We are so incredibly proud and energized by the successes we have had this year, from our expanding range of steel accessories, to our new alloy bull bars and growing impact on the 4WD accessory marketplace.

This month has brought, like the many months before, a host of new MAX products. In this month alone 3 x 40-foot containers of MAX accessories are being received, which will not only increase our stock levels, but also bring with it our new Alloy Bull Bars and Steel Bull Bars, increasing our range.

The new products for December include Isuzu MU-X Alloy Bull Bars, Mazda BT50 Steel Bull Bars and MR Triton Steel Bull Bars. The final container which arrives towards the end of this month  includes our new VW Amarok Alloy Bull Bars.



MAX 4×4 Accessories would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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