MAX News April 2020

More of our MAX GEN II stock arrived this month, including the ever popular NP300 and Dmax17 Bull Bars. Looking at the images below, you can understand why more and more people are fitting MAX 4×4 Accessories to their 4wd. These bars are designed with strength and the vehicles aesthetics in mind, both protecting and enhancing the look of your vehicle.

The design of the Alloy and Gen II accessories are thanks to All Terrain Design. They are an Australian company who provides solutions for businesses looking to design or modify their own products.

Looking for a light bull bar for your 4WD? MAX Alloy Bull Bars have impressive design features including added strengthening, twin rated (4,000kgs each) tow points and winch compatibility, these quality alloy bull bars are designed in Australia and have been independently tested and certified to ensure they meet all Australian standards.

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