MAX News 9 March, 2017

WE ARE EXCITED!!!!! Our first HUGE 40 foot container of bullbars has arrived!! The boys put in a lot of hard work unloading and there’s quite a few orders being sent out already. We checked them out and they look absolutely perfect, you’ll be seeing them running around on 4×4’s shortly.


Check out our gallery as we will be posting images of MAX on 4×4 vehicles and out and about at the beach, out bush or at the footy.


MAX News 1 March, 2017

So, some very exciting news! The guys from MAX have just been on their first road trip. Everyone they have spoken to is very excited about the new range and they just can’t wait to be able to show all of Australia this fantastic product. Watch this space because soon you’ll be seeing the MAX bar on the 4×4’s you see driving past.


MAX News 20 December 2016

HERE WE GO!!!! Our bars are off to get tested by Australian Safety Engineering (ASE), here they will be tested for airbag compatibility and ADR compliance.
ASE was awarded the prestigious USA Engineering Excellence Award in 1996 for outstanding contribution to automotive safety and we are very please to have them be the one prove the validity of our design


MAX News 19 December 2016

GREAT NEWS!! The first container of MAX Side Steps and testing bars has arrived! We are just so excited to finally see them and let me tell you, the quality was well worth the time it took to get these right, just wait until you see them.

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